NZCEO Convention 2024


Tūhono Whakapono: Together, one faith community

Our baptism brings us into te whānau whakapono, and through this we become a child of God and part of the Catholic faith community. Tūhono Whakapono:Together (as)one faith community we establish links, make connections and relate to our sisters and brothers in Christ, who through the shared experience of baptism are kin. As members of te whānau whakapono we have responsibilities and obligations to each other, the wider community, and the created world.

We live out these responsibilities and obligations in community. And, as the Trinitarian God lives in communion so our lives and therefore our schools and parishes become a model of this. We walk alongside each other, sharing in each others lives forming a network of solidarity. Pope Francis reminds us that we do not thrive in isolation: we need community that supports and helps us to learn to be a gift to others, and to seek the best for each other. He calls us to enact this dream together, as a single human family who are companions on the journey in our common home (Francis (2020). Fratelli Tutti).